Choir song baton

The Danish vocal trio called Joy Delivered invites your choir to join a song baton.

We want to spread some love and joy across cultures. Celebrate our differences and all the ways we are alike.

We´ve written a song called "I believe in love" and we would like to send it as a song baton around the world. We wish to focus on how people are alike across cultures by singing the same song, and then enjoy our differences by listening to the varied ways of singing it. We hope to get participants from all parts of the world to join us.

The idea is that every choir plays the background music and sings their version of the song while recording the session on video. The choir then uploads their version of the song on YouTube and sends a copy of the music files to Joy Delivered's dropbox. We will cut pieces from the participating choirs versions into one song. Deadline for sending in material is January 14th, 2014.

All Joy Delivered's profits made from downloads of the song "I believe in love" go to UNICEF.

Download material (English)

Hent materiale (Dansk)

Watch video on

Details about the musical arrangement:
We would love that all sorts of choirs participate: classic, opera, jazz, gospel, etc. The lead part of the song can be sung by a man, a woman, or a whole group. The answering choir can be in unison or three voices soprano, alto and tenor (plus baritone). The c part can be sung in unison and it could be fun to hear it in your native language. Also the d part can be sung in unison and also in your native language.

Technical details:
Play the background music on a stereo or a computer hooked up to some speakers. Record the choir on video. When the choir is ready to send material to Dropbox, please send a mail to

We'll contact you and make a shared folder on Dropbox with you. And upload your version of "I Believe in Love" on YouTube (follow YouTube's instructions to upload).

We hope you will join us and send some happiness around the world.

Sincerely yours
Joy Delivered